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Recruitment Solutions

Our wide and varied industry experience and domain expertise helps to sharpen the search and placement process. Our high-quality proprietary database goes way beyond the conventional databases, putting us in a class of our own. We harness the best talent available through a differentiated model of selection and scrutiny.

We perfectly understand the functional side of an organisation and its dynamics hence cutting down on protracted delivery timelines.


We are in a dynamically changing environment which is full of disruptive changes. Corporate’s are looking at wanting to lead the change wave rather than follow the wave. The need for training to equip the employees to be nimble footed and flexible to adapt to the change waves cannot be over emphasized. Given this need Golden Hues has a training division which serves organisation’s training requirements.

The management between them has more than 100 training hours on topics focused at equipping individuals to be better professionals. The audiences who have benefitted from these trainings are primarily college students and those in their early phase of professional career. These programs are conducted under the aegis of various third party inter corporate/inter collegiate forums.

Few of the topics that are covered during these training sessions would be:

The delivery models for these modules are largely case study based and interactive.